Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finding your cannabis friendly place to sleep.

Finding your cannabis friendly place to sleep.

So for a lot of vacationers it is a hard thing to do, that is finding a cannabis friendly place to stay. There are now more then a hundred places you can find that are cannabis friendly all over the green states. From camp grounds to luxury hotels, and even a horse ranch where you can fish and ride an ATV.

These can be found on a few great sites for information. You have the POTGuide.com, this is a great site to find a lot of cool stuff.

The next is USAWeed.org. This web site has a ton of 420 friendly information for the cannabis traveler. You can also list your place to rent on it too.

Bud & Breakfast.com is another place to find cannabis friendly place to stay. They have places from all over the world you can stay at.

Another great resource in AirBnB.com just search cannabis friendly and the state you want and it will give you a lot of great info. You can also do the same on VRBO.com and find a lot of nice vacation homes that are 420 friendly.

For Colorado bookings the best site is ColoradoHighlifeTours.com There you can book you room right from the site. They have a lot of properties listed and you can find you home away from home. No fees either!!

  It can be hard to find a hotel on the road, and even harder to find a hotel that will be comfortable with recreational marijuana usage. To avoid an uncomfortable stay with upset staff, it can often be a good idea to select cannabis friendly hotels or B&Bs.

Helpful tips before you book...
  • A hotel room with a balcony does not mean you can smoke on it, some have hefty cleaning fines, so be careful.
  • Hotels that allow tobacco smoking in the rooms should be ok with cannabis.
  • As always, use our listings, call ahead, ask the front desk, you might be surprised. Most will give you the options they have as they do want your business.

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