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Way back in the olden days, people relied  on natural herbs to get rid of illnesses and it is a well known fact that they lived longer and healthier than most of the people today.

This could be due to the fact that today, most humans are stressed and depressed due to problems in their personal and professional fronts. This stress and depression causes many different kinds of physical and emotional problems for which they rely heavily on modern medications that are mostly made of chemicals that have some sort of side effects.

Some medications are considered to be addictive and many after continued use become addicted to such medication and begin to rely heavily on them. Such modern medicines cause more harm to the body and mind rather than helping the person who takes them. The addiction to medication or any form of substance is broadly termed as substance abuse and this condition most of the time is caused due to over use of drug of any form or any nature.

This is considered to be the reason that many of the natural drugs used before to cure many incurable diseases are now considered to be addictive substances since more people use them in the wrong way for the wrong reasons and ending up bringing a bad name to a really potent natural cure.

Marijuana for ages has been considered as a natural medicine which has the ability to cure many different diseases that many consider painful. Some of the diseases that modern medications are unable to provide a permanent cure for, can be cured used some of the natural medication such as cannabis.

 Many people today consider the very term cannabis to be associated with some form of an addictive and dangerous substance while on the contrary a proper and controlled use of cannabis can cure many physical problems that nag and cause all sorts of problems to a person.

 For instance back pain is considered to be one of the most common problems faced by young and old alike today due to varied reasons.

 Modern medication is able to provide solutions for such problems to a certain extent, but many people believe that the cure is just temporary and the pain strikes back again after a certain time limit. Cannabis is considered to be one of the natural medicines that have the ability to cure chronic back pains permanently. Today, people can plant and grow cannabis at their homes in certain states with the help of Cannabis seeds that are available from online stores. This simply means that anyone can grow the cure for their health ailment at their own homes.

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